«Information Road leads into the Information City»

    To the attention of the Participants of the Russian Farm Market!

    For more than 20 years, independent software products of Infodrom Holding have been present and are developing in the Russian Pharmaceutical Market.

    The Cross-Market Integrated Order System, Cross Pharmacy Integrated Pharmacy Automation System, Analytical Services and other Infodrome Media Center products are well known on the market.

    We consider all information programs of the Holding as a result of joint activities of us and all our customers (only distributors passed through our customer base more than 300), who periodically paid for the services of our services, most of them The company's revenues were invested in scientific developments (programming languages, domestic databases, WEB Interfaces and more). 

    We see our activities as research and development activities, this is what is called "Research and Development" abroad, and we were always surprised when we were asked the question "Why we do not expand the scope of our services by region of the Russian Federation". To develop software for the semantic field of pharmaceuticals is one thing, and to introduce it to the Russian market is quite another, for this in addition to the necessary quality software, it is also necessary to support the entire market structure introducing software products to the market. That is, in our understanding it is not a kind of "Alliance", "Union" or "Association" based on slurred principles of joint activity, but a real Public Action Society, in which all current and former clients are invited to participate in the first place. Cross-Market system, which allows to "monetize" the brands of PAO members.

    The developed structure for the implementation of EIP software is presented to us as a two-headed eagle, where the Cyprus branch of "Infodrom PLC" allows us to invite foreign companies of manufacturers to participate in the work of the society, and the Russian branch of Althei Pharma allows us to participate in the work of the company. to invite pharmacy institutions and other Russian companies to the society.

    If the concept of building the EIP on the principles of Infodrom is accepted by the participants of the pharmaceutical market, the possible capitalization of the proposed structure could exceed 1 billion euros, there are doubts? Let's exchange views on these issues in Cyprus in a comfortable environment…

    President of Infodrom Holding and Director of Infodrom PLC Grotz Mikhail Leonardovich invites you to familiarize yourself with the Corporation's Headquarters in Cyprus between September 16, 2019 and 30.10.2019 and discuss the possible construction and development of the Single Information Space of the Russian Federation in the field of pharmaceuticals.

    Infodrome is headquartered in the district of Infodrome. Paphos at Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort, accommodation is offered on the Property Corporation with a 20% discount for guests or from our Cypriot partners at a discount of 15%.

    You can agree a visit with Grotz M.L. 7 (903) 795-87-49 (whatsapp)

    Flight to the pm Paphos is possible with regular Flights of the company S-7.

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