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    Invitation 2020

    The Invitation to Take Participation in PJSC to Implement Inter Regional System (IRS) of Procurement Automation on the principles of Unified Information Space (UIS) and Stock Trading

    To the attention of leadership and management of the pharmaceutical market of the Russian Federation, individuals and legal entities: pharmacies and pharmacy networks, hospitals, medical community, distributors, domestic and foreign manufacturers, users of the system "Cross Market", information and marketing companies, financial and insurance entities (hereinafter a possible participant).

    The company "Infodrom Media Center" (hereinafter Initiator) invites to consider participation in the creation and operation of the Inter Regional System (IRS) for the procurement of automation in the pharmaceutical market of the Russian Federation on the principles of the Unified Information Space (the possible Initiator and the Participant, hereafter the Parties).

    This Invitation is the result of the generalization of experience 16 years of successful work of the Initiator in the field of automation of procurement activities of pharmaceutical institutions and health facilities in the framework developed by the Initiator of the System of integral order "Cross-Market" system and pharmacy automation "Cross Pharmacy." Additionally, the Proponent has developed long-term and balanced contractual relationships with 200 distributors and manufacturers of the pharmaceutical market.

    The agreement of the Parties with this Invitation is a Testament to the understanding of the Parties that no separate system of "Cross-Market," or disparate other independent systems integrated into the current technical, software and organizational format can not completely solve the pharmaceutical market of the Russian Federation on the implementation of efficient, reliable and fully automated procurement activities.

    The proposed IRSproject will provide:

    For all pharmacies:

    ▪ The elimination of the cost of doing your own item directories;

    ▪ Reduction of losses in connection with the liquidation of failures in the supply;

    ▪ The increase in the rate of turnover;

    ▪ The availability and accessibility of marketing and analytical information;

    ▪ The provision of regulatory and reference information (registered rates, culling, etc.);

    ▪ The creation of the unified Internet channel of trade;

    ▪ the creation of integrated markets, discount and bonus goods.

    For pharmacy networks:

    ▪ (elimination) of costs to maintain their own automation systems procurement.

    For distributors:

    ▪ a single interface for all pharmacy institutions of the Russian Federation (instead of 15 interfaces);

    ▪ The opportunity to work with real commodity residues depots;

    ▪ The ability of normalization of work of warehouses (peak load);

    ▪ The decrease in accounts receivable of pharmacies;

    ▪ the introduction of a uniform system of electronic signatures.

    For manufacturers:

    ▪ Getting objective information about the movement of products in real time;

    ▪ Obtaining objective information about the work of medical representatives;

    ▪ the introduction of the integrated bonus programs to promote the products.

    For Information companies:

    ▪ The extension of the service area and the income stabilization;

    ▪ Working with the UIS interface increases the demand for software products;

    ▪ Additional revenues from the maintenance information reference channels.

    For marketing companies:

    ▪ Tracking the effectiveness of advertising campaigns;

    ▪ To monitor the work of medical representatives.

    For financial institutions:

    ▪ The possibility of a system of financing procurement of market participants;

    ▪ Lending institutions for pharmacy automation;

    For the population of the Russian Federation:

    ▪ significant improvement in supplying the population with pharmaceuticals;

    ▪ Improving the quality of public services.