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    Universal early healing medical napkin Eplan ® from "100 Wounds" ®

    The drug “Eplan”® – antiseptic napkins, sterile “Eplan” ® from “100 wounds” ® – an innovative medical product for external use.The drug Eplan® is indispensable for the provision of first aid, rehabilitation, treatment and treatment of wounds of various localization and origin, burns I – III degrees (thermal, chemical, solar), gneuno-inflammatory diseases of the skin, bruises and other injuries. healing, regenerating, local painkillers and protective effects. It is used with constant success in combined lesions of mechanical, thermal, chemical and radiation character, microbial-seeded.

    The drug Eplan

    – does not contain antibiotics, analgesics and hormonal agents; 

    – has no allergenic effect, has no contraindications to use; 

    – promotes accelerated healing of wounds, burns and other skin injuries;

    – effective for prevention Secondary infection;

    – prevents the formation of wound swell and keloid scar; 

    – when bandaged does not stick to the wound, which reduces injury; 

    Eplan wipes from 100 wounds are compact, simple and easy to use, well held on the wound of any form, have long shelf life, do not require special storage conditions. It can be used to provide first aid inextreme temperatures from -50 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius


    Indicatins for use
    :- post-traumatic and postoperative puruah woun
    ds; – puruly-necrotic wo
    unds; – cupping and prevention of osteomyelitis in open
    fractures; – acne, boils, paraprocrates, abs
    cesses, phlegmons; venous ulcers, diabetic foot; –
    diseases of the middle and outer
    ear; – dermatitis (chronic, contact, allergic and non-allergi
    c); – viral infections (herpes, warts, warts, papillo
    mas);- burns (thermal, chemical, solar) and frostbi
    te;- radiant skin lesions, rye inflamma
    tion;- drug intolerance to antibiotics for local treatment.

    Effective assistance for sports and domestic injuries (bruises, cuts, abrasions, scuffs, cracks, sprains and inflammation of ligaments). Rapid removal of pain and swelling, prevention of hemat
    oma (bruising). Effective help for fungal diseases (complete destruction of vegetat
    ive microorganisms, including fungi). insect bites). The drug is indicated in similar situations in pets. With herpes, acne, warts, papilloma, superficial bruises, abrasions, scuffs, sun and chemical burns, insect bites and other microtraumas, it is recommended to treat (wet) th
    e site of damage. repeat until fully healed.

    Eplan napkins are an auxiliary in the field of plastic surgery and cosmetology. They are successfully used for the healing of postoperative stitches, to reduce swelling, relieve inflammation, discomfort after chemical and physical peels, dermabrasion, mesotherapy, biorevitalization of the skin, mechanical cleaning of the face, photo rejuvenation, contouring, piercing, piercing of ears and permanent make-up.

    Protective functions of Eplan napkin
    s:- Prevention of skin diseases and household infections; – Ep
    lan is applied in a thin layer before contact with an aggressive environment. The dru
    g, when applied to the skin, forms a protective layer that lasts 8-10 hours.-
    Protecting the skin from adverse climatic conditions (in conditio
    ns of elevated and low temperatures, wind, humidity) in order to prevent
    sunburn, frostbite, weathering and roughing of the skin; – Pr
    otecting the skin from aggressive chemical, toxic substances (
    acids, alkalis, fuel and lubricants, phytotoxicants, etc.) and treating skin
    damage obtained during contact with these Protection of the skin in the a
    rea of chemical contamination in accidents and other situations with the
    release of toxic and poisonous substances.

    Manufacturer: Russia, VPC LLC, OBERON, 111123, Moscow, S.Enthusiasts, d.56. page 25, tel/fax: 7 (495) 545-53-70
    e-mail: vpkmaster@gmail.com, www.eplan-ot100ran.ru

    VPC Ltd., together with Oberon, Moscow, has been producing modern universal medical bandages for more than 10 years, with innovative developments in this area, including Eplan ®- Wipes. antiseptic, sterile “Eplan”® from “100 wounds”® (RU No. FSR2009/05127), designed to provide first aid, treatment and treatment of wounds, burns I, II, III degrees, pus-inflammatory skin diseases and subcutaneous fiber, bruises and other skin injuries.

    Over the past period, the company has supplied products: VCMC “Protection” of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia, the structures of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, the Federal Security Service of Russia, etc.

    According to the leading specialists of the national health care, the Expert Council of the Association of Honored Physicians of Russia, the drug “Eplan”® in the effectiveness, breadth of the spectrum of action and the totality of medical characteristics has no analogues. The drug is shown in combinations of mechanical, thermal, chemical and radiation, microbial insemination.

    In accordance with the decision of the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation – the First Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation – the drug underwent long postclinical studies (VMA them) in the Russian Defense Ministry. S.M.Kirova) and operational tests in units and units in everyday activities close to combat, and in the course of combat operations.

    The tests have shown its high effectiveness in comparison with regular medical means in the provision of first aid and treatment of wounds of various localization and origin. The drug has a pronounced antimicrobial (bactericide, bacteriostatic), osmotic, early healing, regenerative and local analgesic action. Eplan ® bandages (swipes) in its multifunctional efficiency, breadth of the range of indications, absence of side effects, compactness and ease of use, compatibility with military equipment, shelf life, exceed available Analogues.

    Tests have shown that in the practice of ensuring the day-to-day activities of law enforcement agencies, it is important that this tool can be used effectively in the process of providing self-assistance and mutual assistance to military personnel in cases microtrauma, prevention of skin diseases and subcutaneous fiber, pustular diseases, superficial wounds.

    Currently, the company is engaged in the promotion of proven products and expansion of markets. The company’s activities are marked by certificates and diplomas of international and Russian professional medical forums and exhibitions.

    Due to the urgency of this issue, in the interests of maintaining health, reducing the time of recovery and return to service after injuries, injuries, skin diseases, etc., law enforcement officers, etc. The company expresses interest in cooperation