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    Cross-Market (supplier version)

    The Cross-Market system unites more than 800 pharmacies in Moscow and the Moscow region, 300 pharmacies in St. Petersburg and the Northwest region, more than 100 manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements, medical products, funds cosmetics and hygiene. 

    The number of transactions going through the System for the month is about 100,000, and the sum is 1 billion. rub.

    They work with us:

    ▪ AccentMed (GK Asti) Ltd.

    ▪ Aral Plus

    ▪ Avesta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

    ▪ BSS Ltd.

    ▪ WITTA Company Ltd.

    ▪ Grand Capital Ltd.

    ▪ Health Service Ltd.

    ▪ Katren AO

    ▪ Hope Farm Group Ltd.

    ▪ Pharmaceutical Complex Ltd.

    ▪ ForaPharm Group Ltd.

    ▪ Pharmaline Ltd.

    And many others…

    By connecting to the System, the supplier has the opportunity to transfer its offer in the form of a price list to pharmacies using the eponymous program – the buyer's version.

    In addition:

    ▪ Accept applications from buyers

    ▪ Submit waivers and electronic-arrival documents (EPAs) in response to applications;

    ▪ Export/import data to any automation system

    ▪ Keep the price list in-programmatically;

    ▪ Set up individual working conditions for each customer

    ▪ Set up a minimum shipment amount

    ▪ Send personal information messages

    ▪ to hold marketing campaigns.


    ▪ The ability to transmit data via FTP

    ▪ The ability to set up informing the Customer about applications via SMS and e-mail;

    ▪ the ability to send advertising and information messages.


    To join the System and start working with pharmacy customers, you will need:

    ▪ Make a service contract.

    ▪ Provide remote access through TeamViewer/Ammyy Admin to your workplace to install and customize the vendor's program.

    Our partners:

    The information partner and authorized distributor of the corporation's services in the Russian Federation is the optioner of AgoraTech LLC

    We look forward to working together!


    r.t.: 7 (495) 745-60-90 (dob. 0)

    email: support@infodrom.ru