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    Cross-Market Order Program

    Currently, the order system includes more than 100 distributors and manufacturers of medicines, dietary, medical products and cosmetic products, such as:


    (and many others)

    The program is used by pharmacies, medical centers, clinics, veterinary clinics. This is more than 1,200 customers-buyers. 

    Regions of presence



    The main operation in the ordering system is to find customers the goods they need to use pharmaceutical spree among a wide range of offers and form applications for purchase.

    Using the program, you will receive fresh price lists of suppliers, which specify prices, balances in warehouses, expiration dates of goods.

    Benefits of use

    ▪ Free technical support

    ▪ The ability to make orders at several pharmacies of your network (from 2 to 100);

    ▪ The ability to search for goods by name, brand, supplier, manufacturer, trade name;

    ▪ The ability to see previous purchase prices, to receive a visual report on the price dynamics of the selected product group;

    ▪ All the information you need can be printed out.

    Additional options:

    ▪ Transfer of electronic invoices

    ▪ Transfer of denial notices

    ▪ Advertising information

    ▪ analytical reports.

    The "Cross-Market" program is a time-tested quality, because the system is more than 17 years old!

    ▪The basic version without additional modules is FREE.

    ▪to use the program, you need to obtain a buyer's license, which requires you to apply 

    to the service of those. 8 (495) 745-60-90 (9 a.m. to 8 p.m.) or submit an application for support@infodrom.ru, you will be required to request the organization's details and a copy of your pharmaceutical license;

    ▪The program is designed to order goods, use for marketing purposes is prohibited.