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    Cross Pharmacy

    Cross Pharmacy is a state-of-the-art software product for effective management of the pharmacy network.

    Cross Pharmacy (cash register)

    Retail sales through the cash register or bank terminal
    Customer's individual order
    Discount system

    Cross Pharmacy (warehouse):

    ▪ the arrival of goods, warehouse management
    ▪ pricing
    ▪ the calculation of the need
    ▪ reports
    ▪ guides, communication with reference systems
    ▪ manufacturers' marketing programs

    "Cross-Market" (order program):

    Receiving supplier prices
    Automatic or manual order, ordering
    Receiving electronic invoices and failures.

    Optional: auto-order module

    We recommend reading a centralized auto-order.

    Automation meets all accounting and sales technology requirements. 

    The main technical capabilities of the software complex:


    Opportunity for individual improvements

    Cross Pharmacy allows you to link pharmacies to the network in any configuration

    Opportunities to configure the subordination of the network's pharmacies:

    Centralized management of the pharmacy network

    bush association of the pharmacy chain